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Team Zitya

17 Sept 2022

An iconic address revived.

Located in a traditional inland Finca and adjoining a charming patio, ZITYA is Ibiza's newest dining destination for those in search of an enchanting escape.

Established and curated by Lebanese-born, London-based hospitality entrepreneur Omar Abdel Khalek, ZITYA is a novel concept that has taken over the once-iconic venue NAIF, dubbed circa 2000 as one of the island's most fashionable hotspots, with regular celebrity guests such as Mick Jagger, Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss and many others.

Marked with the signature vision of globally renowned, Parisian-based interior design agency PINTO, the venue was transformed and redefined into a whimsical restaurant-bar and patio, while remaining true to its nostalgic authenticity.

The concept was baptized ZITYA, in reference to the tree found on the Greek Island of Rhodes, in the idyllic Valley of Butterflies. The tree is renowned for producing a sweet-smelling substance which attracts thousands upon thousands of butterflies. Having hibernated throughout the winter, these stunning creatures awaken in May, to mate and reproduce, creating spectacular visual patterns.

ZITYA was thus designed as an expressive analogy between the nocturnal magic of Rhodes' valley and Ibiza's magnetic energy, one which undeniably attracts its own community of scenic butterflies. White-washed textures, nomadic aesthetics, and hues of terracotta embody the tribute we offer to the spirit which connects the two iconic islands: Rhodes and Ibiza.

At ZITYA, chef Timothy Newton offers a contemporary take on traditional Rhodian cuisine, combining culinary heritage inspired by Rhodes' unique historical experience, fusing Ottoman, Italian, and Greek influences, all while enabling a communal yet sophisticated experience inspired by the hedonistic philosophy of island life.

ZITYA is not simply a gastronomic venue; as the tale of its butterflies suggests, it faithfully epitomizes Ibiza's ever-evolving pursuit of a novel journey for the senses.

In taste, sound, and spirit.

Our doors are open 6 nights a week until the end of summer.

For further information, please contact us using the following channels:




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